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Since its inception, the company has been advocating the development concept of "I depend on the survival of enterprises, enterprises depend on my development". After more than 20 years of development, a number of new and old employees have inherited and developed. This concept has taken root in the enterprise and implanted into the minds of every Yang's people. Under the influence of this concept, for many years, Yang has always insisted on the enterprise style of "high standard, strict requirement, high efficiency and fast rhythm", which has established a good reputation and image for the enterprise and continuously improved the overall level of the enterprise. In line with the management idea of "quality first, safety first", following the development concept of continuous improvement and innovation, through continuous improvement of enterprise performance and enhancement of enterprise competitiveness, the enterprise has finally ushered in its own spring through hardships and hardships. In recent years, product quality has been recognized and favored by customers at home and abroad, sales have increased year by year, and products are exported to Europe, the United States and the United States. In Japan, Korea and other places, the sales territory is still further expanded and extended.