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Quality with food safety Hygiene management:

Fine processing create Yang's brand.
Norm operations guarantee safety and hygiene.
High-quality service assure satisfaction.
Keep on improving to promote enterprise development.

Company quality target:

Store in warehouse qualified rate of product:100%;
The key control point reaches:more than 95%;
Rate of contract discharge:more than 95%;
The satisfied rate of customer:more than 90%.


●The quality is the life of enterprise, we should take the pigment quality firmly, trying hard for each process, try for the best, produce the high-quality product, dint the DianBao brand of Radish Red and Gardenia Yellow as famous product.
●As the development of food industry with scale and diversify , more and more consumers raise claim to supervise and control for safety and hygiene. we introduced HACCP management system, with strict control for production and sell processes, guarantee the request of safety and hygiene.
●The customer is the God of the enterprise, the existing of enterprise depends on the customers. We should be with the high-quality service, understanding the request of customer, satisfying the customer's request, making the customer satisfied, increasing the credit of enterprise.
●We persist in improving and innovating as keynote for enterprise development, increasing accomplishment, strengthen competition ability, make enterprise develop continuously.
●With scientific management, make the labor, money, things get to be used thoroughly, decrease costs, get the best benefits.