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The R&D center of Yunnan Tonghai Yang's Natural Products Co., Ltd. now has 12 developers (including 5 external experts and professors), 5 senior titles and 4 intermediate titles. Equipped with advanced detection equipments such as gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer, atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer and rapid moisture analyzer, it can detect not only the conventional indicators such as color value, moisture and ash, but also the pesticide residues, arsenic, lead, mercury and microorganisms of products by itself. The central detection equipment and facilities are complete, and the technical level is excellent, which has been recognized successively. It has been designated as the technology center of municipal enterprises and the engineering technology research center of natural pigment extraction in Yuxi City. Since its establishment, the center has undertaken provincial and municipal scientific and technological projects such as "Research on the production technology of honeysuckle extract, research and development of Gardenia series edible natural pigment production technology and technology, research and demonstration of cochineal breeding experiment and carmine extraction technology, comprehensive development and application of purple sweet potato products". The successful development of the project not only improves the technical level of the center personnel, but also improves the technical level of the center. Enterprises have created good economic benefits. While undertaking the work of enterprises, the center has also actively participated in the foreign exchange activities within the industry, and has participated in the formulation of four national standards of Gardenia yellow, radish red, gardenia blue and grape skin red. The next step will be to participate in the formulation of national standards of cabbage red. R&D and innovation are the key to enterprise development. In the future, the center will continue to improve its business level and skills, and better serve domestic and foreign customers. Welcome customers to make valuable comments on the work of the center.