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Tonghai County Governor Lu Weijiang visited our company
Release time:2017-06-11 Reading number:12096

Yunnan Tonghai Yang's Natural Products Co., Ltd., as the leading enterprise of food processing additives in Tonghai County, has been concerned by various government departments. On Thursday, June 11, 2015, Tonghai County Governor Lu Weijiang visited our company to give guidance to our company's current situation, and at the same time give a high appraisal of our company's achievements.

        Mr. Lu praised our company's achievements in the food industry and thanked us for our contributions to the local people in Tonghai County. This year, Yuxi and Alibaba cooperated to build an e-commerce platform. Tonghai County, as a model county for the development and construction of e-commerce platform, is actively preparing for the construction. Lu County Governor is particularly concerned about the operation of our company's e-commerce module, and gives some comments and suggestions.