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Yunnan colorful rice
Release time:2015-06-09 Reading number:1172

When it comes to dyeing food with traditional methods, Yunnan has to be mentioned. Yunnan is a place where ethnic minorities live. What impresses people most is the various colors that are incorporated into their lives. Yunnan inhabits 25 ethnic minorities, such as Yi, Bai, Hani, Dai, Lisu, Naxi, Yao, Jingpo, Buyi, Shui and Dulong.

Yunnan folk have many unique ways to eat rice, some of which are "color" rice food, which has local characteristics, among which Buyi multicolor rice is the most famous.

The spirit of the Buyi people between the beautiful mountains and rivers in Deloping is a nation full of charm and charm. Their colorful rice is not only bright in color, but also has a long taste. Colors are generally red, purple, black, white and yellow. They are called "Five-color Flower Rice". Some are only dyed red, yellow and white. They are called "Three-color Flower Rice". Every autumn, the Buyi people pick out the best glutinous rice and leave it alone for cooking.

By March 3, the following year, in the traditional festival of the ethnic minorities, several edible wild plants were dug up in the mountains or in front of and behind houses. The roots, stems, flowers and leaves of these plants were mashed separately, and three pigments, red, yellow and blue, were extracted and packed in bowls. Then the three colors were used to produce black and purple, and the five colors of flower rice were ready.

White is the color of rice. Red, bright red and purple are soaked in a plant juice called "sister rice leaves". The difference between colors is the difference of leaf concentration. Yellow is made by soaking the seeds of a plant called "yellow rice flower". Black is made by soaking wheat straw in water after burning, then filtering its ash and soaking it in color water. Purple-black is made by soaking the leaves of maple trees. The soaked glutinous rice is separately packed in five small pots. Five kinds of color juice are mixed and stirred separately. After the color juice completely soaks the glutinous rice, the five pots of color rice are washed by the river.

The rice can be mixed together, steamed in a steamer, and eventually dried in a dustpan. At this time, the five-color flower rice is colorful, beautiful and delicious. Eating method is convenient, can be cold, can be steamed hot and eat again, like sweet food, you can add some honey. If you can't finish the five-color flower rice during the festival, you can also make a round rice ball, or let it be collected after natural drying and eat slowly.