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Three Black Foods Make You Eat Healthier
Release time:2015-06-16 Reading number:1200

"Red, Yellow, Blue" is the most basic three colors, and the other colors are mixed from these three colors, which constitute an important part of our daily life, and the color of food is the basis of our choice. What color food would you choose? My answer is black, because the benefits of black food are beyond your imagination.

Black grapes, grapes have always been very popular, because they contain a lot of antioxidants, can play a role in delaying aging. Black grape is rich in vitamins, selenium, iron, calcium and other substances, but also rich in anthocyanins and chlorophyll, these substances have a strong antioxidant effect. Black grapes contain more vitamin C than grapes of other colors, which can enhance human immunity.

Black rice, the staple food of Chinese people is mainly rice, but there are many kinds of rice. What I want to introduce today is black rice. Black rice surface contains anti-aging anthocyanins. The darker the color of rice, the more anthocyanins it contains, the better the anti-aging effect. Long-term consumption of black rice can also promote sleep, treatment of dizziness, anemia and other symptoms.

Dark chocolate, chocolate can be said to be one of women's good friends, but because eating too much is easy to gain weight, many friends who want to keep slim abandon it. In fact, it's a good choice to eat a little dark chocolate in your spare time. Because dark chocolate can protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, regulate human immunity, reduce blood pressure and other functions, a small amount of consumption is good for health.