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Tonghai Yang's natural pigments are exported to home and abroad
Release time:2019-02-21 Reading number:1194

Recently, technicians are busy in the workshop of Tonghai Yang's Natural Products Co., Ltd., which produces 200 tons of edible natural pigments per year. The company mainly produces and sells natural pigments such as radish red, cabbage red, purple sweet potato, water-soluble lac red, which are used for coloring candy, beverage, dairy products and other foods. At present, the company has developed into a natural pigments food additive enterprise which integrates raw material planting planning, production process research and development, equipment manufacturing improvement research and development, product processing and sales. It is sold to coastal provinces and cities and exported to Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and other regions. In 2017, the output was 95 tons, the output value was 86.42 million yuan, and the sales revenue was 69.9 million yuan. (Zeng Yonghong, reporter of Yuxi Daily)