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20 enterprises in Yuxi have become the first demonstration units of food safety in the province
Release time:2019-02-21 Reading number:1245
20 enterprises in Yuxi have become the first demonstration units of food safety in the province

Publication time: 2018-05-02 10:20 Source: Yuxi Network

Reporters learned from the Municipal Food Safety Office that in the first selection of food safety demonstration units in Yunnan Province sponsored by the Provincial Food Safety Office, 20 food production and operation enterprises in Yuxi were awarded "Yunnan Food Safety Demonstration Unit".

According to reports, the selection activities cover the food production, marketing and catering services of 16 states (cities) and 129 counties (cities and districts) in Yunnan Province. The purpose of the evaluation is to further enhance the food safety awareness of food producers and operators, implement the main responsibility of food safety, vigorously cultivate safe and high-quality food brands, and constantly improve the food safety level of the province.

After many rounds of evaluation, there are 252 food production and operation enterprises in Yunnan Province as the first batch of "Yunnan Food Safety Demonstration Units". Yuxi Juzi Meat Products Processing Plant, Huaning Changsheng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Yunnan Hongbin Green Food Group Co., Ltd., Yunnan Amur Caviar Co., Ltd., Yunnan Xinping Nanen Sugar Paper Co., Ltd., Yuxi Jiankun Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Yuxi Peacekeeping Vitality Hall Health Food Co., Ltd., Yunnan Yuxi Phoenix Ecological Food Co., Ltd., Ltd. Yunnan Tianfang Food Co., Ltd., Yunnan Refining Agriculture Co., Ltd., Tonghai Qutuoguan Zhao Lihua Sweet Liquor Factory, Yunnan Yunnan Yunnan Yunnan Snow Grain and Oil Co., Ltd., Yunnan Tonghai Yang's Natural Products Co., Ltd., Xiaowen House Restaurant in Yuanjiang County, Fuxian Lake Hilton Hotel of Yunnan Chengjiang Laoyingdi Tourism Resort Co., Ltd., Yuxi Yingyutan Xiubin Cultural Center, Yuxi Yunxi Yunxi Yunxi Museum, Yimen Longquan Fungus Wangyuan Yangzhuang Hotel, Yuxi Wenxing Catering Service Co., Ltd. and Lishan Hotel in Tonghai County are among 20 food production and operation enterprises.

In recent years, the city's food and drug safety supervision departments at all levels strictly implement the "four most stringent" requirements, and constantly improve the city's food and drug safety level. Next, our city will play a leading role in the demonstration of 20 "Yunnan Food Safety Demonstration Units", organize the whole city's food production and operation units to earnestly learn their advanced experience, further implement the main responsibility, honesty and abide by the law, fulfill social responsibility, constantly improve the level of food safety quality, and ensure the people's "safety on the tip of the tongue". (Feng Tianjiao, reporter of Yuxi Daily)