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Municipal Natural Pigment Extraction Engineering Technology Research Center passed the confirmation
Release time:2019-02-21 Reading number:1243
Municipal Natural Pigment Extraction Engineering Technology Research Center passed the confirmation

Author: Reporter Tan Zhaohou, correspondent Huang Yongchen, Li Yijiang Source: Number of words in Yuxi Daily: 680

This newspaper (reporter Tan Zhaohou, correspondent Huang Yongchen, Li Yijiang) recently, by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Industry and Information Commission and relevant experts, agreed to identify Yunnan Tonghai Yang's Natural Products Co., Ltd. Engineering Technology Research Center as "Yuxi City Natural Pigment Extraction Engineering Research Center".

Yunnan Tonghai Yang's Natural Products Co., Ltd. was established in September 1996. It is an enterprise specializing in the production, sale and product development of natural pigments. It is the governing unit of China Food Additives and Ingredients Association. At present, the company has two natural pigments production lines, with a complete set of research and development and product testing equipment, annual production capacity of 150 tons, the main products are natural pigments radish red, cabbage red, grape skin red, purple sweet potato pigments, gardenia yellow and other food additives. In 2016, the company achieved sales revenue of 69.82 million yuan.

Since its establishment, the Engineering Technology Research Center has invested 1.43 million yuan to purchase a number of testing equipment such as liquid chromatography and gas chromatography, and has signed long-term cooperation agreements with Japanese Hibiscus Fragrance Company and Southwest Forestry University School of Materials Engineering. The center employs experts as technical consultants, carries out technical exchanges and cooperation, realizes resource integration and sharing, and achieves remarkable results in new product development, process innovation and efficiency improvement.

The center has 18 technicians and has obtained 2 invention patents and 6 utility model patents. Among them, the invention patent "a method of producing sodium copper chlorophyll from cauliflower leaves" is a new achievement obtained by the center through innovation and continuous research and development. It not only successfully produces sodium copper chlorophyll, but also effectively utilizes abandoned vegetable leaves, which to a certain extent reduces the waste of resources and environmental pollution. In recent years, the center has developed and transformed seven natural pigments, such as purple sweet potato extract, and participated in the formulation of four national food safety standards, such as food additive radish red.

In 2015, the company passed the "high-tech enterprises" identification, and through the "deep processing of agricultural products in Yunnan Province science and technology enterprises" and "Yunnan science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises" identification; in 2016, it was identified as "the eleventh batch of innovative pilot enterprises in Yunnan Province".