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Joint School-Enterprise Training Sunshine Project for Rural Labor Force
Release time:2019-02-21 Reading number:1192

In view of the fact that Yunnan Tonghai Yang's Natural Products Co., Ltd., the largest turnip red pigment production enterprise in the world, urgently needs to recruit a group of high-quality production and processing personnel, the training base of Yuxi Tonghai County Agricultural and Broadcasting School, in the process of implementing the sunshine project of rural labor training, follows the principle of market supply and demand, and adopts the way of contract order training with enterprises to do a good job in agricultural product processing. Vocational skills training.

The training course was held in Yunnan Tonghai Yang's Natural Products Co., Ltd. on November 24, 2012. By combining theoretical training with practical operation, 100 processors were trained for four days. Professor Luan Kunrong of Xinzilu Vocational Training School in Kunming, Yunnan, was hired to teach professional ethics, public relations, processing technology and other knowledge. Teacher Wang Yuexing of the county AIDS prevention office and the County Health Supervision Bureau taught the general knowledge of farmers'safety education, such as AIDS prevention and control, food safety and hygiene. Through training and surveying the satisfaction of the trainees, the trainees responded well. Generally speaking, the trainees believed that the training was full of pictures and texts, novel in content, targeted and practical, which further improved the comprehensive quality and skill level of migrant workers and played a positive role in promoting the company's rapid development.